Wednesday, April 18, 2007

feminism is for everybody

I remember the time when I thought racism wasn't my issue because I'm white. But after some soul searching and education, particularly by reading bell hooks, I realized that I had always wanted men to care about sexism. But why should men care about feminism? Most people perceive feminism as giving women hand outs or unfair advantages. In reality, men are benefiting every day form privileges that women don't have. So really these "hand outs" are just an act of balancing the power. Taking some off one side of the balance and putting on the other, until they are even.

There is a lot for men to gain from feminism. Even though men get the most privileges and access to power, sexism puts limits on both men and women. And besides, don't we all believe in equality?

bell hooks also talks a lot about how people of color often choose to fight racism rather than sexism. But what bell hooks so adequately and eloquently explains is that to truly obliterate any one oppression, the best way is to work to end them all.

this means sexism, racism, classism, homophobia and even environmental destruction.

bell hooks provides the most tangible explanations of feminism. her book can be bought from or from big distributors as well.

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