Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Grizzly Bear, Shields, Sept. 18th 2012

This is a very mature album, playing off their previous signature sounds and remaining edgy while losing the hipster whine.

I'd listened to their 2006 album Yellow House and put a song or two from there onto playlists. But the album as a whole didn't capture my interest the way Shields has.

Shields is an excellent album overall, with no song particularly standing out, it's the kind of album where you actually listen to the whole thing as one piece of art work. The music seems more technically and artistically interesting than their previous work.

There are aspects of this album that remind me of Band of Horses. These bands are chummy, having played shows together and Band of Horses did cover a Grizzly Bear song Plans. Or maybe I just like this album more because as another review said, they got "rockier."

A very evolved album for Grizzly Bear - highly recommended.

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