Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Lana Del Ray, Paradise, November 13th 2012

Lana Del Ray's last album Born to Die has such a distinct sound and image, that I thought she could not possibly replicate either without sounding like a cheap stretch on her gangsta Nancy Sinatra image.

Her new album Paradise delivers everything I hoped it would and more; not only is it a collection of great tunes that feed my hunger for the persona that is Lana Del Ray - it deepens that musical lust. While the first song "Ride" opens the album a bit weakly, the tracks after have their own haunting, sultry sounds. The second track "American" definitely satiates my need for the sexy American trailer park glam. "Cola" is a particularly great track, destined to repeat in my brain for days to come. While "Body Electric" falls short, there is still something great about the song - slightly straying from the overall sound in a nice way.

"Blue Velvet" reminisces the swaying era of the 50's, perhaps really bringing home Lana Del Ray's persona on this album. Another slightly different tune, "God & Monsters" also gets a bit crass, only to be followed the very mellow version of the already mellow, previously released tune "Yayo." The album ends with only eight tracks, with the last song "Bel Air" which is hauntingly beautiful and shows Lana Del Ray's more delicate side.

The only downside of this album - it's a bit of a tease with only eight tracks, one of which we've heard before. Definitely worth listening to, especially if you liked Born to Die.

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