Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Silver and Gold by Sufjan Stevens

So you hate Christmas music. Or do you really?

Maybe you are just too cool for a little bit of, yes, cheesy tunes. But Sufjan Stevens isn't. In fact, he takes the classic, albeit cheesy Christmas tunes and makes a hipster twist. Sound like an oxymoron? Sufjan Stevens' five disc album "Silver and Gold" is all over the map. From melancholic to upbeat, from folky to electronic, from cheesy to hipster, there is something for everyone. While many attempts in life to achieve so much may utterly fail at achieving anything at all, this album seems to work out just fine. I believe that anyone could listen to this album, and like it.

Not only does Sufjan make some interesting versions of the world's most well known Christmas songs, sometimes mixing them with other random tracks (such as Joy Division's Love Will Tear Us Apart), but he also has some tracks I am pretty sure are completely original. Songs such as Christmas Unicorn and and Happy Karma Christmas just sound too goofy to come from anyone but this Christmas hipster mix master. Sound like he's trying to hard? Well, these are actually quite good songs.

Search for it on Spotify, download it, buy it on vinyl, I don't care. If you are a typical bah humbugger, I whole heartedly encourage you to check out this album. It just might get you in some sort of semi-hipster-ish Christmas spirit.

Would that really be so bad? I don't think so!

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